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The first sequencing example is a 30 second game loop which may be listened

to in the following formats:

*note: The sound of the MIDIFile will be greatly influenced by the cheesiness of your soundcard

Standard MIDI File (8k)| MP3 (i.8 MB)| QuickTime.mov (10 MB)

The next sequence is an example of a song accompaniment. It's actually an

arrangement of a salsa tune entitled "Bailarina" that I did for a client of mine,

Roger Velasquez who wrote the tune. I saved the final arrangement as a Standard

MIDI File and imported it into Sibelius. All the MIDI parts were replaced by real

musicians and I have a rough mix of the finished track with vocals.

Bailarina MIDI (56K) | Bailarina MP3 (8.5MB) | Bailarina QuickTime (4.7MB) | Bailarina.wav (46.8MB)

The following sequence is a composition for full orchestra that was done totally on

the Garritan Personal Orchestra. It was sequenced on Digital Performer 5.11 but the MIDI

File is not included here because the headers all addressed virtual instruments and are quite

different from a regular MIDI sequence and there would be no sound if I included it on this

page. I've included an MP3, Quicktime and Wave file of the final mix. If you have the latest version

of QuickTime Player, the 31MB Wave file should stream and start playing in a few seconds.

Orchestra MP3 (6.6MB) | Orchestra Quicktime (2.3MB) | Orchestra.wav (31MB)

For the "atonal with visual" assignment I scored a short animated video done by a University

of the Incarmate Word student in the Graphic Arts Department, Will Keetel. I used the Garritan

Personal Orchestra to create a string quartet and the Native Instruments "Akoustik Piano".

The piece is based on a twelve tone row that makes it's first entrance as an ostinato in the low

range of the piano. I really enjoyed writing this to coincide with something visual.

Film Score QuickTime (audio only - 3MB)| Film Score (Video - 21MB)


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