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Yamaha DMP7 - $350.00 (original 1987 price - $4,200) take 2 for $600 w/ FMC

It all started with Yamaha\'s first all digital 8x2 mixer which has built-in effects, EQ, motorized faders, and every parameter controllable via midi. It was the 1988 winner of the prestigious ^AMPquot;TEC Award^AMPquot; for console technology. All you need is a midi sequencer and you\'ve got flying fader automation and total recall of all mixes and setups. Both these incredible machines have been in a smoke free air conditioned recording studio since 1987 and have never required any maintenance except replacement of the belts that connect the faders to their motors! If you understand proper gain structuring combined with automated muting, you can achieve excellent signal to noise ratio and first rate sound quality out of these units. Listen to some of the mixes on the jingles page. They were all mixed with the two DMP7\'s using nothing but the internal effects. If you are the first purchaser of one unit, you get the complete service manual and the operators manual. If you purchase the second one you get the operators manual

These units interface with each other by means of Yamaha\'s digital cascade with one cable. If you buy both units for $600.00, I will throw in a Yamaha FMC1 format converter which allows both units to operate at 48Khz sampling rate. (original price - $695.00) Also, if you live within a five hour drive from San Antonio, I\'ll throw in the custom built rack (pictured below) and deliver it in person for the price of my gas and you buy lunch. If you live a little farther than that, you\'re welcome to come pick it up and save some serious shipping costs.

Yamaha FMC1 Format Converter - allows up to 4 DMP7\'s to operate at 48Khz sampling rate and has AES/EBU and CD/DAT digital outputs and word clock out. $200 if sold separately

If you need more information you can email me at or call me toll free @ (877) 783-8890 or if you\'re in the San Antonio area, the number is 210-656-4499 or 210-445-0412 (mobile)
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